Call for Awards Nominations

Deadline: October 3, 2016

Do you know someone who deserves special recognition for a job well done or an outstanding achievement in this Industry? Please consider the nomination process below and make sure they get that recognition.

Clean Energy BC has five specific annual awards available plus discretionary Merit Awards recognizing individuals and companies that have excelled in their field of discipline. Nominations should be submitted by October 3, 2016. Send us your submission by email or mail. Send email forms to Lisa Bateman ( If you prefer to print and mail your letter, please address your letter to;

Chairman, Awards Committee
Clean Energy BC
354 – 409 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1T2
Fax: 604.568.4724

Nominations shall be made, in writing on the attached Nomination Form, to the Awards Committee. Each nomination shall state the reason for the nomination and provide a brief synopsis of the nominee’s accomplishments and reasons why they should receive the award. Unsuccessful nominations will be considered for up to three additional years beyond the original year of nomination.

Environmental Stewardship and Community Improvement Award

This award is intended to recognize exceptional accomplishments on the part of individuals or companies in contributing to environmental stewardship, sustainable development and community improvement. Design of facilities to minimize environmental impact, design of environmental or community programs or involvement and promotion of communities are examples of award nominations.

Project Excellence Award

This award is intended to recognize excellence in project development, construction or operations. Available to operating companies only, this award is intended to recognize the value of teamwork in project execution. The awards committee will focus on excellence in development, construction or operation based on the quality of the accomplishment, ability to meet budget, schedule, and performance criteria. Innovation can contribute to successful project execution but is not essential criteria for this award.

Operational Excellence Award

This award recognizes excellence and innovation by a company engaged in the operation of a clean energy project in British Columbia. The award is open to either owner/operators or service providers and acknowledges excellence and innovation in any or all aspects of operations, including but not limited to, project optimization,  health and safety, community outreach and/or development of innovative solutions to operational challenges.

Finance Award

This award is to recognize excellence in the financing sphere and is open to both individuals and companies. Financing includes the raising of capital for equity or debt. The awards committee will focus on efficiency of the capital raise, cost of the financing, and innovative financing solutions.

Community of the Year Award

This award recognizes excellence by a community engaged in the development of clean energy in British Columbia. The award acknowledges excellence in any or all aspects of community engagement, including but not limited to education, awareness, and involvement in a clean energy project.

Merit Awards

Merit awards are intended to recognize exceptional achievements or contributions whether by companies or individuals to the betterment of the industry that have not been otherwise recognized in the four specific awards. The Merit Award approach is intended to provide a flexible opportunity to nominate individuals or companies that have excelled in whatever manner. Examples of Merit Awards include:

  • Distinguished Service
  • Volunteer Contribution
  • Lifetime Achievement

Again, nominations for these awards are due by October 3, 2016. Any questions please do not hesitate to relay them to Lisa Bateman (

Paul Kariya,
Executive Director

Download and fill out the nomination form here.

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