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Sea-to-Sky Project Visits & Clean Energy “In Our Own Backyard”

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TRIP #1 // Sea-to-Sky Project Visits

Sunday, November 6

A one-day field trip to visit two of BC’s latest small hydro projects that have been commissioned in the corridor between Vancouver and Whistler.

1. BluEarth Renewables’ 15MW Culliton Creek Hydro Project

2. Concord Pacific’s 25MW Skookum Hydro Project Both projects secured power purchase agreements as part of BC Hydro’s 2008 Clean Power Call and are now providing power to BC’s grid. Learn about the unique topography of the Sea-to-Sky corridor that enables run-of-river type hydro. Learn about the partnerships with local First Nations.


TRIP #2 // Clean Energy “In Our Own Backyard”

Wednesday, November 9

A one-day field trip to Clean Energy projects in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. Showcasing the dynamism of clean energy developments in Metro Vancouver, a leader in urban sustainability.

1. British Columbia Institute of Technology’s cutting-edge research facilities which integrates solar arrays, a wind turbine and a biomass plant. The campus is an excellent example of utilizing smart meters and smart grid technology to illustrate how a small campus, town or city might integrate energy conservation and renewable energy as an “island” with a link to the larger grid.

2. General Fusion, an innovative company that looks to unlock the opportunity of fusion power as a future energy supply for the world and were incubated right here in the Lower Mainland.

3. Two other sites to be confirmed.


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