Short Course & Workshops

Short Course & Workshop

DATE: Wednesday, November 9
COST: $250 for members / $325 for non-members
LOCATION: Hyatt Regency Vancouver

SHORT COURSE // Advancing First Nations and Clean Energy 

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This full day session invites First Nations and the clean energy sector to shape the development of a BC First Nations Clean Energy Strategy. The session will also provide the latest information and expert knowledge to First Nations who are either interested in exploring clean energy opportunities, have experience in the sector and want to do more, or face the challenges of being diesel-dependent or connected to the grid with unreliable power. The current challenges and opportunities unique to each of these groups we will also be explore, and a toolkit will be provided. The strategy developed will help advance First Nations in this sector for their futures.


Opperations Workshop 

DATE: Monday, November 7
COST: $250 for members 
LOCATION: Hyatt Regency Vancouver

This popular full day session has been updated with new content and is open to plant operators, supervisors, managers, project developers and those simply interested in operations. With over 100 wind, solar, biomass and hydro plants in operation in BC, there are common and unique operating challenges to be explored and discussed. New equipment, emerging tools and innovative ideas for operating facilities will be discussed. There will also be lots of time for experienced operators to share their challenges and solutions.

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